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January – Shake, Rattle, & Roll

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What a start to the year it has it been! Wowser! It definitely started off with a BANG! I’ve clocked some serious hours in my car this month showing properties all around the Greater Nashville Area for sure! 🙂 I LOVE it! I truly do LOVE my job! How many people can say that? Every day is a new adventure. I never get bored – that’s for sure! I’ve also helped numerous clients find their perfect homes! That honestly makes me so happy!

The crazy, indecisive weather has been interesting to start this year off as well! My kids are happy though! 3 snow days already off of school! So of course we all had to partake in a little “Snow Day – Play Day” action! And my dog, Kenai, loves the snow as well! He doesn’t even mind jumping in a freezing cold pond either! Brrrrr!

Now, I also have daffodils growing in my front yard – What? They are SO confused! What the heck? It’s snowy and freezing for a week, then in the 50’s for a couple of days… I’m not complaining though. As long as those nice, warm, sunny days are coming here shortly – I’m good. 🙂

Beautiful Sunrise to Start the Day

There have been so many beautiful houses that I have walked with my clients this month! I’ve been looking at houses around Old Hickory Lake for a client as well – and came across a nice little pocket around the lake with lots of birds, cranes, deer, squirrels, etc… I love hanging out in nature and exploring new areas – so it’s been fun sharing those experiences with clients as well!

It is still very much a Seller’s Market these days though…and Boy…are we off to the races trying to Snap up the few houses that are available out there!

So this may not be a “Snapping Turtle” – but that’s what this current housing market may feel like on some days! LOL I found this cute little guy when I was out for my “Walk & Talk”. What should we name him/her?

As the calendar hits January each year, it’s also the time for New Year’s Resolutions! Who else has been “eating healthy” since New Year’s Eve? I feel like we all do this, every year. I honestly could eat Soup & Salad every day and be perfectly content though. But sometimes that is even too much work – lol. Then, when there’s snow outside, and the gym is closed down, you have to get those boots out as well. Because, you know: “Those Boots Are Made For Walkin….”

I truly hope your year is off to a great start! We all have to take each day one at a time. Enjoy each sunrise and sunset and all the good stuff in-between every day! (Yeah, sometimes the in-between stuff gets crazy busy….) But I know that I for one have enjoyed having all my kids home (2 of them home from college for the greater part of a month before heading back) and spending time with each of them. Now the other 2 kiddos of mine are back in the “grind of school” locally as well.

We all have our “Seasons of Life”. I’m enjoying this “Season”. Even if it is freezing cold, then nice for a few days with a little snow on top – instead of the cherry! LOL What will February bring? Mmmmmm!?

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