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March – I’m Giving Marching Orders

By April 2, 2021No Comments
One of my listings from this past year! I hope I can help you sell your home too!

The Pandemic is still in full swing around here! Who would have thought that we’d still be in the midst of it over one year later? Not I, says Kris! 🙂

I did begin my journey of “Giving Covid-19 it’s Marching Orders Though”! I received my vaccine towards the end of the month! I haven’t gotten my 2nd dose yet, but it really is amazing what a literal relief it is to have gotten the first dose! I of course will continue to wear my mask and keep others safe that I come into contact with on the daily!

The Real Estate Market has not slowed down during the Pandemic either! In fact – it has only accelerated over the past year! And even though the interest rates are inching up slightly – it hasn’t really affected the sales of homes yet! I’ve got a couple of listings coming up after Easter, so I’m getting geared up for a wild ride for the feeding frenzy of buyers that will all be circling the houses like sharks! (The following pic is a little out of date….rates are still around 3% right now! So if you’re buying – NOW is the time to BUY!)

I hope you have given Covid-19 it’s Marching Orders Too! 🙂 Don’t give ME any Marching Orders Though! In fact – do just the OPPOSITE of that and CALL me today to discuss the many options available in this crazy real estate market! Whether you are looking to buy or sell – I would love the opportunity to assist and guide you down the path to a successful purchase or sale of your home!

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