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2020 Rewind

By January 22, 2021No Comments

Even in the midst of a pandemic – the housing market stood strong in the Greater Nashville area! I was fortunate to have FANTASTIC clients who were in the market to buy and sell properties – and for that I am am forever thankful!

It was a difficult year for many with loss of jobs due to closures because of very rigid Covid-19 rules and regulations – this does not escape my mind for one second! It has been a struggle for many both physically and mentally throughout the pandemic. Maintaining one’s personal health and wellbeing this past year has been paramount! We have all had to learn how to cope with our “new normals” in our everyday lives! And even worse – for those who lost their lives or loved ones in their families due to the virus.

Many indivduals have been working from home since last March – and will continue to do so indefinitely! Some have not been as lucky depending on what industry they work in – some people do not have the luxury of being able to work from home! As we all know our everyday HEROS in doctors, nurses, EMT’s, police officers, firemen etc… sacrificing their own safety each and every day to provide healthcare to sick patients and protecting our citizens. I thank them all! Each state determined who the “essential workers” would be. In the state of Tennessee – REALTORS┬« were also deemed “essential”. I’m thankful that we were given the opportunity to continue to work, as I know many that were not as fortunate.

I’m humbled amidst all the chaos that has enveloped the Greater Nashville area over the course of 2020. Between the tornados that devasted our hometowns in early March, then the pandemic that overtook the entire country by storm, and then finally the bomb that rocked the city of Nashville on Christmas morning – I am glad that we all still stand strong as a community after such a crazy year!

I am happy to embark on this new year of 2021! With a positive outlook on life and what the future may hold post-Covid in our country, I hope we can all prosper and appreciate the little things in life – I know that I do! I am forever grateful for each and every one of my clients last year who allowed me to assist them in one of the most stressful times in their lives – not only because of buying/selling their homes – but with everything else going on in the world! I thank you and I look forward to assisting many others this year in doing the same thing!

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